Electronic Access Control Resources

This is a resource for general information on electronic access. This is geared towards the professional locksmith or access control installer.

If you’re an end user, please contact Reliant Security LLC for help on selecting the best access control solutions for your needs.

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Camera Repair After Vandalism

Camera Repair After Vandalism I recently had a client who’s storage facility was attacked several times in a 3-week period. The thieves were bold enough to break into units in broad daylight. But this post isn’t about how or what the thieves did, this post is about how to fix the issues caused by these…

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Do not leave kids or pets in your vehicle!

We do not charge for unlocking cars with children or pets locked inside. Every year we all hear about kids or pets dying from heat in vehicles. It’s a horrible way to die, and it’s 100% preventable. DO NOT HESITATE. If you see your kids or pets struggling to breathe, break the window furthest from…

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