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High Security Locks, Cylinders and Keys

Bank Security Hardware in Grand Junction, CO

High-security lock cylinders and keys will give your financial institution the extra protection it requires. Reliant Security has a variety of bank security hardware brands and solutions to fit your unique needs. Some high-security lock cylinders can be retrofitted and used with your existing hardware to save you money!

How High-Security Features Can Safeguard Your Facility

  • Patented key control protects against unauthorized key duplication
  • Bump and pick protection thwarts break-ins
  • Drill and attack resistance prevent theft
  • Master key system capabilities allow different levels of access for different employees
  • And more!
bank security hardware in grand junction, co

Access Control for the Modern World

Access Control

Eliminate the need for keys with electronic access control

Control who can access what premises of your property and when. Stay in control with any smartphone, tablet, or web browser. Enjoy peace of mind with technology that offers the highest levels of security encryption and flexibility available.

Options available include:

  • Enhanced Security: Access cards can be disabled instantly or tagged as lost, stolen, or invalid.
  • Real-Time Control: Access privileges can be modified online and applied instantly.
  • Flexibility: As your business grows and evolves, your access control system can be scaled to your facility’s needs.
  • Camera Integration: Associate specific access control events with a video recording and playback capabilities up to 30 seconds before and after the event.
  • Lockdown Feature: Be safe from an armed attack by locking all the doors at once.
  • Informative Reports: Track the events of a specific employee, or verify who accessed a specific door and at what time.

Safe Services

We install, service and repair:

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Safes
  • Vaults

Need a combination changed? Give us a call!

Safe and Vault Services

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