Electronic Access Control

Keyless Access Control

Reliant Security offers some of the best access control solutions on the Western Slope. We evaluate every opening and door configuration to determine the most secure and convenient option for your application. Even if you have an existing system, we can help you in most cases.

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Electronic Access Control

Keyscan Access Control

Keyscan access control systems provide a broad spectrum of security solutions. The systems offer three levels of secure facility access:

  1. Identify: Identifies people moving within controlled environment.
  2. Authentication: Compares identification to assigned permissions.
  3. Control: Grants or denies access based on authentication levels.

Seamless Security Performance Meets Convenience

Through Keyscan’s many technologies available, there are various options to meet your facility’s needs. Here are some of the security solutions and conveniences you can gain:

Access Control Reader, Fob, Key Card

Global Communication: Control access throughout different locations from any web-enabled PC or mobile device.

Software Flexibility: Software is ideal for any access control application. It can accommodate hundreds of schedules and levels.

Network-Based Lockdown: Safeguard your facility for any scenario demanding an emergency response plan.

Financial Value: Options can be scaled to meet your needs well into the future without licensing or recurring fees.

Elevator Control: These controllers are designed to secure access to different office or residential floors.

Wireless Receivers: Options available for parking garages, gates and other long-range applications.

CDVI Access Control

CDVI has a varied range of proximity card readers to meet all of your needs. Their proximity card readers are recognized worldwide, having won several awards for their innovative design. This includes mini, mullion, vandal-resistant, and card reader/keypad combinations.

Technology options allow you to manage up to 500 doors, proximity card readers, keypads or even wireless door handles. The embedded web server provides instant results using any web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

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CDVI Access Control Products


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