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Cannabis Industry Locksmith & Security

We will work to make your cannabis security system safe and secure while protecting your valuable inventory. Reliant Security is a MED-compliant alarm company (click here to learn more about Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division).

Marijuana companies we help secure include:

Growth & Cultivation

Extraction & Manufacturing



Trident Locks

These multi-point locking systems offer maximum break-in protection.


Secure your dispensary from forced-entry break-ins at your doors.

Access Control

Control who can access what door and when with our selection of products.

Alarm Systems

Manage your security from almost anywhere with your smart device.


Check on your business anytime, from anywhere, with your smart device.

Battery Backup

Keep your electronic security systems running even during a power failure!

Trident Locks: Forced Entry Protection

Trident™Multi-Point Locks provide maximum resistance to break-ins. A single push on the exit device retracts all moving bolts simultaneously so occupants can exit quickly. This feature keeps the lock compliant with building and fire safety codes.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Comes standard with 4 locking points
  • Bolts into frame instead of floor for stronger security
  • Hinge-bolts can be added as needed
  • Large, stainless steel locking bolts have 1” projection
  • Stainless steel anti-pry plate
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Fire rated up to 3 hours

Options Available Include:

  • Keyed entry and access control integration
  • Self-relocking or manual relocking models
  • Battery-operated or direct power
  • Signal output for alarms

Watch real footage of burglars attempting a break-in with their truck!

Trident locking system on door

Frontline Defense Interlocker

Intruders often break in with pry bars and other tools used to pop doors open. Frontline’s Interlocker is the only security product of its kind that covers gaps between doors and frames.

They can be customized to fit the full length of any size door. Available in aluminum and steel, these are designed for both out-swing and in-swing doors and are available in several colors.

Frontline Defense Interlockers

Watch real security camera footage of Frontline Defense stopping an intruder at the door!

Access Control

We provide, install and repair access control systems, including keypad locks, key card readers, and systems that offer smartphone access. Control and track who has access to what locks and when. Our scalable systems can grow and adapt to your dispensary business security needs.

Solutions Offered:

Reduce time and costs with managing keys due to turnover

Enhance security with more visibility and control

Mitigate risks with detailed audit of events

Enjoy convenient card or mobile access to shared areas

Access Control Products for Jewelry Store

Alarm Systems

The Reliant Security team will help you keep criminals out of your dispensary. Protect your inventory, team, and property with one of our reliable alarm systems in Grand Junction.

We offer free security evaluations for your dispensary to ensure you get the right alarm system for your needs and budget.

Alarm System Panels

Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your business with 24/7 video surveillance. Security cameras can protect your business by:

  • Preventing internal and external theft
  • Deterring vandalism
  • Decreasing injury liability
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • And more
Security Cameras

We sell and install a selection of cameras and recording devices to fit your marijuana company's security needs.

Battery-Powered Security Backup

Never worry about your security system going down during a power outage or other power problems. Keep your dispensary’s protection going with one of our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products. Enjoy complete protection for your equipment, big or small.

Minuteman UPS Battery Power Backup Products

We offer a minimum 1-year warranty on all of our parts!

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