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How Our Keypad Lock Services Can Help You

Have you ever locked your keys inside your home or business? If you have, you know how frustrating that can be! With our Keypad Locks you will not have to worry about keys. And best of all, you will have full control of who comes into your home or office!

There are many forms of Commercial and Residential keypads to choose from. Let Reliant Security find the right solution that meets your security and budget needs. All of our solutions are reliable, secure, and come with a great warranty.

Here are the top keypad solutions we have for you!

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Alarm Lock Trilogy

keypad locks

Best Commercial Keypad Lock Solutions

Do you want the best commercial electronic keypad solutions on the market? Buy our Alarm Lock Trilogy products. These locks offer Grade 1 durability with a rugged clutch mechanism and a highly vandal-resistant, all metal keypad. The standard, stand-alone lock has Multi-level codes including Master, 10 managers, 90 users, and 3 service codes, giving you 100 Total users!

With the Alarm Lock Networx wireless option, Trilogy can be installed on up to 2,000 doors, and manage up to 5,000 users with pin-codes or Prox ID Cards. Do you need to know who walked through a specific door? No problem, this system has an active audit trail so you know what's going on in your facility. The Networx wireless system uses a secure, proprietary RF-link lock-to-Gateway communication protocol that protects the system from interference or tampering.

Do you need a classroom/facility lock-down feature? Look no further, Alarm Lock provides a convenient key-fob that can activate a lock-down from safely inside the classroom. This feature does not stop at one room either, Networx allows you to lock down the entire building or campus in seconds from a key-fob, button, or from the school/facility server. These devices reliably service K-12, colleges and universities all over the country.

Hands down, Alarm Lock Trilogy is the most popular keypad system we install.


  • Grade 1 hardware
  • Stand-alone
  • Can be wireless managed with the Networx integration that uses a proprietary RF-link lock-to-Gateway
  • Networx supports up to 32 gateways, and up to 2,000 locks or access controlled doors per account.
  • Up to 100 users in stand-alone mode, up to 5,000 with the Networx integration
  • Prox ID cards optional
  • Key override with options for standard cylindrical locks; and Small and Large Format Interchangeable Core locks
  • 10-second, emergency lockdown features from a fob, or PC
  • On-demand lock audits
  • Does not require Internet Access for standard operations
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year materials and workmanship warranty

Yale Nextouch

Commercial Grade Locks

The Yale nexTouch is a commercial, Grade 1 lock that offers outstanding protection for your business. This lock meets the need for security, and will interface with our Z-Wave enabled alarm panel, giving you the most flexible security system ever! Add our doorbell camera, and you will be able to see who is at the door, and let them in if you so choose.

You cannot go wrong with this keypad lock!


  • Inside lever always active
  • Mechanical key override
  • Weather Resistant
  • 9V Power Backup
  • Mechanical key override
  • Privacy Button
  • Push Button keypad
  • Deadlocking latchbolt
  • Communication Protocol: Z-Wave® or ZigBee
  • Manufacturer 1-year electrical warranty; 3-year mechanical and finish warranty.
Yale nextouch keypad

Yale Assure Lock

Residential Keypad Locks

The Yale Assure Lock is the slimmest residential deadbolt lock we have ever installed. This Grade 2 deadbolt will look sleek and clean on your front door. Forget the keys with this Tamper-Proof lock and program up to 25 user codes to keep your home safe! This lock can hook up to our Z-Wave enabled alarm system for even more security and features. The touchscreen keypad allows you to touch to lock and unlock the keypad.


  • Tamper-proof lock.
  • Grade 2 deadbolt
  • 4-8 digit codes
  • Up to 25 user codes in stand-alone mode, up to 250 codes with supported modules.
  • Replaces the deadbolt on standard doors, 1-3/4" to 2-1/4" thick!
  • 9V Power Backup
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1-year on electronics; lifetime mechanical and finish
Yale keypad

Yale Assure Lever Lock

Residential Lever Keypad Locks

Like the Yale Assure Lock above, this is one of the best lever keypads we have installed on a residential door. This lock comes in two flavors, with key override, and without! Integrate this lock into one of our alarm systems and have even more control! These locks are great for doors that you do not need or want a deadbolt on, and meet Grade 2 standards.


  • Grade 2
  • 4-8 digit codes
  • Up to 25 user codes in stand-alone mode, up to 250 codes with supported modules
  • 9V Power Backup
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1-year on electronics, mechanical and finish.
Yale keypad lock


Warranty: 1-year workmanship warranty exists on all work performed. Contractor supplied parts carry a manufacturer warranty as outlined in writing. Physical damage, repairs by others, abuse, and misuse of product voids the warranty of the product. Non-payment/returned payment voids all warranties.

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