Touchless Door Operators

Hand-Free Door Solutions

Improve cleanliness with our no-touch or low-touch solutions!

Reliant Security can add a no-touch or low-touch solution. The products we use every day can be exposed to bacteria and viruses. Adding touchless door operators, such as no-touch or low-touch door hardware can make a big difference by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in these high-touch areas.

  • Increase customer traffic
  • Enhance handicap accessibility
  • Keep staff healthier
  • Improve customer and user experience
Wave Sense Touchless Switch
Touchless Door Operators

No Touch: Motion Sensors & Automatic Openers

• Wave to open sensors
• Exit motion sensors
• Wireless transmitter remotes
• Remote locking and unlocking devices

Arm and Foot Pulls

Arm & Foot Pulls

• Foot and arm pulls
• Push and pull trim
• Paddle trim
• Various styles available

Minimal Touch Restroom Kit

Single Occupancy Normally Locked/Unlocked Restrooms

The BEA restroom kit is a touchless door operator that adds better functionality for people with disabilities. When paired with wave-to-open switches, it reduces the points of physical contact. Touchless door operators make opening doors more sanitary for users.

Touchless Door Operator Kit Includes:

  • Module to control functionality
  • Exterior indicator shows when the restroom is in use
  • Push-to-lock button that visually confirms lock status to restroom user
  • Door position switch to ensure proper door position before allowing door to be locked and resets system upon manual exit
BEA Restroom Kit

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. To enter, open the door with the exterior wave-to-open or push-to-open plate.
  2. To lock the door once inside, push the push-to-lock button. The button will illuminate and the exterior wave-to-open or push-to-open plate will deactivate. The exterior occupied indicator will also illuminate.
  3. To exit, activate the interior wave-to-open or push-to-exit plate or manually open the door. Opening the door will automatically reset the system.


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