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Over the past few years I've come across some AWESOME information that I'd like to share on electronic access. This information does have some code listed in it, however, the local AHJ may have the final say in all matters. It's important that you, or your customer has an inspector come out and approve all work preformed, especially on egress doors.

First up, another professional sent me this document that has some GREAT information as to why Mag-Locks are a good solution for access control. It goes over some of the basics of how they should be installed, and even what holding force should be specified on doors!

Ref: Locksmith Ledger 2017

Securitron is one of my favorite products. With the Magnacare warranty (unconditional lifetime warranty) you can actually take a hammer to the covered products and they will replace it. Installed it wrong? Cut the wires too short? No problem, replacements are on the way.

Securitron has a great list of wiring diagrams, so if you need one, hop on over to their website! If you need a custom wiring diagram, you can always reach out to the manufacturer and get one.

Assa Abloy has a couple great documents going over the various hardware and cites code (for those of us who aren't experts on the matter). In the first linked document please pay special attention to pages 12 and 13 that go over Electronic egress. The second link goes over some older types of hardware you may find in the field!

Ref: Assa Abloy's website, dated 2018

Ref: Assa Abloy's website, dated 2010

I hope this information on electronic access control was helpful! If you're in the market for electronic access control, please consider Reliant Security LLC for all your building security needs.

This information is for educational and reference materials only. The pictures and links are provided as reference and are not owned by John Nolan or his affiliates, all images were procured through a Google web search.

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